CUBIC PRINTING®, a Taica original technology, uses a special film to transfer printed patterns onto materials such as plastic and metal. The film is placed on the surface of a pool of water, and using water pressure, the pattern is applied seamlessly to objects of any size and shape.

CUBIC PRINTING® is used by automotive, home interior, and sports equipment manufacturers around the world.

The Beginnings of Water Transfer Printing

CUBIC PRINTING® came about as a serendipitous accident when an engineer was asked to decorate a hair dryer. At the time, printing technology was only able to decorate flat surfaces, and a hair dryer was much too complex a shape. The engineer then started a long process of trial and error, searching for a way to decorate intricately shaped objects.

After many weeks of experiments, the engineer fell ill one night. At the time, it was common for the Japanese to take powdered medicine by wrapping it in thin starch sheets, called oburāto, which made it easier to swallow. When the engineer was preparing his medicine, he accidentally dropped an oburāto into a cup of water. Reaching into the glass to fish it out, he found that the wet oburāto wrapped neatly around his finger, matching its shape perfectly. This was the eureka moment that gave birth to CUBIC PRINTING®.