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  • 2009/10/27
  • Establishment of Subsidiary in China

    We, Taica Corporation, established a joint venture company with a group company of the Hirosawa Automotive Trim Co., Ltd. in China on September 23, 2009, to expand the business regarding our new developed three-dimensional decoration technologies called “E-CUBIC “. The details are as follows.


    1. Purpose of establishing subsidiary

    Taica Corporation has developed a new three-dimensional decoration technologies called “E-CUBIC” and started sales and marketing operation regarding E-CUBIC last spring, aiming to expand the E-CUBIC business in domestic and overseas markets. As a first step, we established a new subsidiary as a manufacturer using E-CUBIC technologies in China, where market expansion is highly expected.

    The group of the Hirosawa Automotive Trim Co., Ltd. is one of our prime licensees regarding our three-dimensional decoration technologies called CUBIC PRINTING® and one of leading suppliers to major automakers, dealing with printing processes on car interior parts in and around Guang Dong, China. Together with Hirosawa Group, we will seek success in our new business of E-CUBIC in China.

    2. Profile of subsidiary

    (1) Company Name: 東莞大華廣澤表面処理科技有限公司
        Dongguan Taica Hirosawa Technologies, Co., Ltd.
    (2) Location: Dong Guan City, Guang Dong, China3
    (3) Representatives: Kazuyori Mochizuki, Chairman of the board
        Hitoshi Takasu, General Manager
    (4) Established: September 23, 2009
    (5) Type of Business: Manufacturing and Sales regarding “E-CUBIC” technologies
    (6) Fiscal Year End: December 31
    (7) Paid-in Capital: US$3,000,000
    (8) Capital Investors: Taica Corporation 51%
        A Company of Hirosawa Group 49%
    (9) Starting Operation: Spring 2010 (planned)


    *Company Profile

    ・Company name: Taica Corporation
    ・CEO & President: Tsuyoshi Suzuki
    ・Headquarters: Nisseki Takanawa Bldg. 2-18-10 Takanawa, Minato-Ku Tokyo, 108-0074, JAPAN
    ・Paid-in Capital: 670 million yen
    ・Major businesses: Manufacturing and Sales regarding “CUBIC PRINTING®” and “E-CUBIC®” technologies
    ・Type of Business: Manufacturing and Sales regarding “E-CUBIC” technologies
      Licensing “CUBIC PRINTING” technologies to 84 companies in 27 countries as of today
      Manufacturing and Sales of Shock absorption & Vibration isolation materials called “Alpha GEL”
    ・Inquiries: Overseas Sales Division   TEL +81-3-6367-6622


    ※E-CUBIC® and CUBIC PRINTING® are trademarks of Taica Corporation.

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