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  • 2012/10/15
  • Announcement of the Establishment of a Manufacturing Subsidiary in Cambodia

    NEWS RELEASE (English Translation)


     Oct. 15, 2012

    To whom it may concern:

    company td Name: Taica Corporation
    Representative: Taito Suzuki
      President and COO
    HQ Location: 2-18-10 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan




    Taica Corporation (hereinafter “Taica”) hereby announces that it has received approval and authorization to establish a manufacturing subsidiary in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Cambodia, as a new manufacturing facility for multifunctional material products called “αGEL®, Alpha GEL”. The new Subsidiary is the Taica Group’s first manufacturing facility in the country, and the second as a multifunctional material business outside Japan after Suzhou (China).


    1.Purpose of the Establishment of the New Subsidiary

    Taica Group currently has factories for its multifunctional material business in Japan and China. Recently, the first overseas factory in China has been getting closer to full operation, and as the footwear industry, which is one of our main application fields of multifunctional material products, is expected to expand in Southeast Asian countries as their economies develop, Taica has decided to establish a new overseas factory in Cambodia.

    By strengthening the alignment of 3 production bases – Japan, China and Cambodia – Taica Group will reinforce its competitiveness, improve its quality of service, and grow its multifunctional material business in the global market.


    2.Outline of the New Subsidiary:

    (1) Name: Taica (Cambodia) Corporation
    (2) Location: Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Cambodia
    (3) Representative: Junichi Nakao
    (Also Executive Officer of Taica, in charge of Multifunctional Material Business)
    (4) Main Business: Manufacturing of shock absorbing materials/components, vibration damping materials/components called “αGEL, Alpha GEL”.
    (5) Factory: ①Lot area: 11,000㎡
    ②Floor Space: 3,300㎡ (steel frame structure, two stories high)
    (6) Total investment: approx. JPY 300 million
    (7) Established: Sept. 28, 2012
    (8) Start of Operations: October 2013
    (9) Paid-in Capital: US$1,000,000
    (10) Fiscal year-end: December 31
    (11) Ownership: Taica Corporation 100%
    (12) Number of Employees: approx. 80(Start of Operations)


    *Reference information —————————————————–

    Outline of Taica Corporation

    ・Name: Taica Corporation
    ・Representative: Taito Suzuki (President)
    ・Location: 2-18-10 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    ・Established: June 1, 2006 (Start up: October 1948)
    ・Main Business: ・Manufacturing and sales of shock absorbing materials/components, vibration damping materials/components called “αGEL, Alpha GEL”.
    ・Manufacturing and sales of nursing-care products called “αPLA, Alpha PLA”.
    ・Manufacturing and sales of three-dimensional decoration technology called “CUBIC PRINTING” and “E-CUBIC”.
    ・Licensing “CUBIC PRINTING” technologies to approximately 80 partner processing plants in over 20 countries
    ・Paid-in Capital: 670 million yen


    *αGEL, Alpha GEL


    “αGEL” is a trade name collectively used for soft silicone GEL materials manufactured by Taica. It has been used for shock absorption in running shoes for over 25 years. Recently it is also used for pen grips, used for vibration isolation in wrist watches and is well known in the general applications. In industrial fields, we support customers to solve the problem of shock absorption, vibration isolation, heat dissipation, and electromagnetic wave absorption. In nursing-care fields, it is also used for body pressure dispersion for anti-bedsore mattresses.

     Sports, Stationery, Precision Apparatus, Electronic device, Industrial Products, Nursing-care products

    ※A raw egg dropped from a height of 18m ― equivalent to the sixth floor of a building ― remains unbroken when caught by a sheet of “αGEL” only 2cm thick.
    ※The visual image of falling eggs is a trademark of Taica Corporation, registered in Japan and / or other countries.



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    PR Section, General Affairs Dept. Alpha-GEL Sales Dept.