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  • 2013/12/02
  • Taica (Cambodia) Corporation Start of Operations

    Taica’s first factory in Cambodia, Taica (Cambodia) Corporation (hereunder “TCC”) held its opening ceremony on November 6, 2013, and began the productions of Alpha GEL®. Taica expects to make its first shipment from the factory from 2014.



    1.Future Vision

    Along with facilities in China and Japan, this will be Taica’s third Alpha GEL® Production facility. This facility will focus on delivering products to Southeast Asia. With three facilities in China, Cambodia, and Japan, the Alpha GEL® business will be able to expand its market share.

    2.Opening Ceremony

    On November 6, 2013, 50 guests including Sok Chenda Sophea, the Cambodian Minister of Development, Yuji Kumamaru, the Cambodian Ambassador, Lim Chhiv Ho the Phnom Penh Economic Zone Director. From Taica Corporation Japan, directors, the COO, Taito Suzuki, and TCC’s president Nakao Junichi were also in attendance.

    3.TCC Details

    (1) Name:Taica (Cambodia) Corporation
    (2) Location:Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Cambodia
    (3) Representative:Junichi Nakao
    (Concurrently sits on Taica Corporation’s Board of Directors and acts as Executive Officer of the Alpha GEL Department)
    (4) Main Business:Manufacturing of shock absorbing materials/components, vibration damping materials/components called “Alpha GEL®“.
    (5) Factory:①Lot area: 11,000㎡
    ②Floor Space: 3,300㎡ (steel frame structure, two stories high)
    (6) Total investment:approx. JPY 300 million
    (7) Established:Sept. 28, 2012
    (8) Paid-in Capital:US$2,000,000
    (9) Fiscal year-end:December 31
    (10) Ownership:Taica Corporation 100%
    (11) Number of Employees:approx. 130 (as of December 2013)

    *Reference information —————————————————–

    Outline of Taica Corporation

    ・Name:Taica Corporation
    ・President and COO:Taito Suzuki
    ・Location:2-18-10 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    ・Taica Corporation Established:June 1, 2006 (Suzuki Shokai Established: October 1948)
    ・Main Business:・Manufacturing and sales of shock absorbing materials/components, vibration damping materials/components called “Alpha GEL®“.
    ・Manufacturing and sales of nursing-care products called “Alpha PLA®“.
    ・Manufacturing and sales of three-dimensional decoration technology called “CUBIC PRINTING®” and “E-CUBIC®”.
    ・Licensing “CUBIC PRINTING®” technologies to approximately 80 partner processing plants in over 20 countries
    ・Paid-in Capital:670 million yen

    Alpha GEL®


    “Alpha GEL®” is a trademark name collectively used for soft silicone GEL materials manufactured by Taica. It has been used for shock absorption in running shoes for over 25 years. It is also used for pen grips, vibration isolation in wrist watches and is well known for other general applications. In industrial fields, Taica supports customers to solve problems of shock absorption, vibration isolation, and heat dissipation. It is also well-known for its softness. In nursing-care fields, it is used for body pressure dispersion for anti-bedsore mattresses and to provide comfort.

    Sports, Stationery, Precision Apparatus, Electronic device, Industrial Products, Nursing-care products

    ※A raw egg dropped from a height of 18m ― equivalent to the sixth floor of a building ― remains unbroken when caught by a sheet of “Alpha GEL®” only 2cm thick.

    ※The visual image of falling eggs is a trademark of Taica Corporation, registered in Japan and / or other countries.



    ○For Press Inquiries Contact: PR Section, Corporate Planning Office
    ○For Consumer Inquiries Contact: Alpha GEL Sales Dept.