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  • 2014/04/01
  • Announcement of Booth at the 24th FINETECH JAPAN Exhibition

    Taica will have a booth at the 24th FINETECH JAPAN exhibition which begins on April 16, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight. Taica’s OPTαGEL® (OPT Alpha GEL) made from Taica’s shock absorbing αGEL® (Alpha GEL), will be on display at the exhibition. Taica looks forward to your attendance at this year’s FINETECH JAPAN.

    1. Exhibit Details

    (1) Name: 24th FINETECH JAPAN Exhibition (
    (2) Dates: April 16th (Wed.) – April 18th (Fri.)
    (3) Place: Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, JAPAN
    (4) Booth Details: East 6 Hall, Numbers 5-37

    2. Display


    OPTαGEL® is a tacky silicone-based product, that has excellent optical transparency over the visible wavelength region, excellent durability, and shock absorptivity. By laminating OPTαGEL® between either a touch panel or a cover glass and an LCD module, we can acheive excellent clarity.
    We will show sample applications and materials at our booth. If visitors make a reservation, they will be able to see the Vacuum Lamination Process for LCDs. Please contact Hiroaki Oba at for more information.


    αGEL® is shock absorbing and vibration damping material. An egg can be dropped from the 6th floor of a building (approximately 18m) on to a 2 cm thick sheet of αGEL® and land without cracking.
    You can try to drop a raw egg on αGEL® sheet at our booth. It has been made famous from its appearance various television shows.

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    【Outline of Taica Corporation】

    ・Name: Taica Corporation
    ・President and COO: Taito Suzuki
    ・Location: 2-18-10 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    ・Taica Corporation Established: June 1, 2006 (Suzuki Shokai Established: October 1948)
    ・Main Business  
    ・Manufacturing and sales of shock absorbing materials/components, vibration damping materials/components called “αGEL®”
    ・Manufacturing and sales of nursing-care products called “αPLA®”
    ・Manufacturing and sales of three-dimensional decoration technology called “CUBIC PRINTING®” and “E-CUBIC®”
    ・Licensing “CUBIC PRINTING®” technologies to approximately 80 partner processing plants in over 20 countries
    ・Paid-in Capital: JPY 670 million


    ○For Press Inquiries Contact: PR Section, Corporate Planning Office

    ○For Consumer Inquiries Contact: αGEL Sales Dept.