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  • 2014/09/10
  • Announcement of Booth at H.C.R.2014 Exhibition

    Taica will have a booth at H.C.R.2014 Exhibition which begins on October 1, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight. Wheelchair cushions “αPLA (Alpha PLA) SORA Cushion,” anti-bedsore mattresses “αPLA F,” and “αPLA SORA” will be on display. Dr. Yoshiko Shimomoto, a physical therapist, will give a seminar at our booth. Taica looks forward to your attendance at this year’s H.C.R.2014 Exhibition.

    1. Exhibit Details

    (1) Name: 41st International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition
    (2) Official Website:
    (3) Period: October 1 (Wed.) – October 3 (Fri.) 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m
    (4) Place: Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls
    (5) Booth Details: 1-03-03

    2. Display

    (1) Main Products

    Name Category Good Point
    αPLA SORA Cushion
    Hybrid-type Wheelchair Cushion with an Automated Push-up Function An automatic internal pressure management system maintains the right dispersion of body pressure, and prevents bedsores to offer comfort even during long hours of wheelchair use.
    αPLA F
    Body Pressure Dispersion Mattress Through the unique “4×4” slit design, the mattress fits all sizes from light to heavy persons. It is soft, yet with the right amount of resilience. Heat dissipation in the newly developed urethane foam has been improved by over 30%. The mattress as a whole can be washed, and we were able to further shorten the drying time.
    Hybrid-type Anti-bedsore Mattress It is a hybrid-type mattress based on a highly stable urethane mat with air cells around the waist area. The 54 air cells inflate and deflate back and forth, and left and right. This maintains stability and snugness while providing appropriate body pressure dispersion.

    (2) Seminar

    [Subject] Encouraging a Good Posture for Bedsore Prevention
    – The Importance of Sleeping and Sitting –
    [Hours] 13:00p.m. – 14:00p.m. (Each day)
    [Lecturer] Dr. Yoshiko Shimomoto
    [Lecturer’s Profile] Physical therapist
    Director of Japan Home Bedsore and Wound Care Promotion Association
    Representative of Ikiiki Support Center Welpa Kochi
    Representative of Natural Heartful Network

    — Reference Information———————————————————-

    【Outline of Taica Corporation】

    ・Name: Taica Corporation
    ・President and COO: Taito Suzuki
    ・Location: 2-18-10 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    ・Taica Corporation Established: June 1, 2006 (Suzuki Shokai Established: October 1948)
    ・Main Business  
    ・Manufacturing and sales of shock absorbing materials/components, vibration damping materials/components called “αGEL®”
    ・Manufacturing and sales of nursing-care products called “αPLA®”
    ・Manufacturing and sales of three-dimensional decoration technology called “CUBIC PRINTING®” and “E-CUBIC®”
    ・Licensing “CUBIC PRINTING®” technologies to approximately 80 partner processing plants in over 20 countries
    ・Paid-in Capital: JPY 670 million


    ○For Press Inquiries Contact: PR Section, Corporate Planning Office
    ○For Consumer Inquiries Contact: Wellness Products Dept.