SN Sheet

SN Sheet
Simply insert underneath or between subject loads. Low investment.
Usable for wide range of loads. Divide for light load. Add for heavy load.


Pick the best fit for your application based on the load (weight).

· Subject load less than Optimum Load : Example 0.3Kg load
Add a plate for extra weight or divide SN-2.

· Subject load within Optimum Load : Example 10Kg load
Divide SN-15 into pieces.

· Subject load over Optimum Load : Example 80Kg load
Use two of SN-50 and divide if needed.

Damping Performance

Part No. OptimumLoad
(kg/4 legs)
Point (Hz)
Magnification (dB)
Frequency (Hz)
SN-2 0.5〜2 27〜21 6 38〜 1.4〜3.0 Yellow
SN-5 2〜5 29〜23 8 40〜 1.5〜2.5 Green
SN-15 5〜15 26〜18 13 37〜 1.1〜2.2 Orange
SN-50 15〜50 22〜15 20〜18 30〜 0.7〜2.0 Blue
[Notes on Use]
  • · Place the SN sheets (or portions of them) so that the vibrating subject becomes stable.
  • · Place the sheet so that the load of the subject is spread evenly on the projections.
  • · Placing a flat plate on the top surface of the SN sheet helps.
  • · Remove the protective PET film from the bottom surface before use.



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