Shock Absorption

αGEL(Alpha GEL) as Outstanding Shock Absorber
An ordinary fresh raw egg dropped from 18 meters high to a 2 cm thick Alpha GEL does not break. 
This is Alpha GEL.


Customizing Softness

Variety of αGEL available to offer such customized softness as will best fit to shock.

Enhancing Shock Absorption

Shock absorption, inherent in αGEL could be dramatically enhanced by additive agents.

Long-term Stability and Durability

Excellent in resistance to ozone, UV, chemicals, αGEL could be used under almost any environment. Very low compression set ensures a stable and durable condition over the long haul.

Wide Operating Temperature Range.

Operating temperature range for NP GEL is -40℃(-40℉) to 200℃(392℉).
Operating temperature range for GEL Tape / GEL Chip is -40℃(-40℉) to 100℃(212℉).

Excellent Workability

Optimum shape could be suggested according to each customer's requirement.

Shock Absorber Lineup


Surprisingly Soft and Elastic
αGEL's softness and elasticity would be like natural human skin, 
constantly maintaining a nice fit.


Large variety of Designs Available

Large variety of shapes and colors could be designed according to each customer's requirement by Taica's technology taking advantage of αGEL's softness.

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