Vibration isolation

High Performance Vibration Damper
Alpha GEL's vibration dampers effectively damp micro-vibrations or light load vibrations in particular.
not eliminated by convertional dampers such as rubber.They also excel in long-term sustainability,safety,and operability under severe environmrnt.


Applicable for Light Load

Taica designs softness and ensures enough deformation even with light load for damping vibrations.

Wide Frequency Range

Taica has over decades of experiences and expertise in vibrations isolation. A list of isolators has grown to cover a wide frequency range and load requirements.

Long-term Stability and Durability

Excellent in resistance to ozone, UV, chemicals, αGEL could be used under almost any environment. Very low compression set ensures a stable and durable condition over the long haul.

Wide Operating Temperatue Range

αGEL 's properties show little charge in the -40℃(-40℉) to 200℃(392℉) range, providing stable performance.
*Operating temperature range for GEL Tape / GEL Chip is -40℃(-40℉) to 100℃(212℉)

Selection Flow-chart

Vibration Damper Lineup

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