Damping GEL for Actuator

Excellent vibration Suppression (UV cure GEL)


Vibration suppression for precision equipments

αGEL effectively suppresses vibration of microscopic precision equipments with its fine-tuned softness and other superior properties such as complex modulus and loss factor.

Long-term experience in optical pickups.

We have extensive experience for many years in various types of pickups for CD, MD, MO and DVD as well as the latest Blu-ray discs.

Wide range of products

There are ten types of standard products and many customized products which can be well designed and quality-controlled by Dynamic viscoelasticity equipment.

Compliance with various environmental regulations

Our products comply with wide range of regulations for environmental load substances and regulated substances, including RoHS Directive restricted substances and REACH-SVHC candidate substances. Our products are manufactured at their own production lines in a Green Partner(GP) certified factory.

Short curing time

UV cure αGEL reaches its final hardness in 300-500mW/cm² x 10-20 seconds in order to reduce production time.

UV curing in simple way

αGEL cures to the desired status with UV irradiation above a certain level.

Easy handling and storage

UV cure αGEL can be stored at room temperature in a dark place. The products are filled in opaque containers for easy handling. Their also can be used with syringes or other devices for various applications.


Nondisclosure agreement

Please note that a nondisclosure agreement may be required to the offer of the sample products or the start of production.

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