Thermal & EMI management

Thermal Conductive Materials & EM Noise Absorbents
Alpha GEL's softness and conformity help minimize heat resistance and stress on critical devices in electronics.


Excellent Performance in Thermal Conductivity

Up to 6.5W/m・K thermal-conductivity material is available, facilitating excellent heat dissipation results.

Softness and Tackiness

Lambda GEL retains the softness and tackiness of its base material αGEL. It adheres to rough surfaces, easily compressed, and air gaps could be driven out for efficient thermal conductivity.

Stable Performance and Long-term Durability

Lambda GEL has a wide operating temperature range from -40 up to 200℃ (-40 up to 392℉) over a long-haul.

High Electrical Insulation

Silicone-based Lambda GEL provides high electrical insulation.

Thermal Conductive Products Features

Thermal Conductive Materials and EM Noise Absorbents Lineups

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