Gasket (UV-curable silicone gel)

Gasket for sealing compact precision devices.UV-curable type of Alpha GEL, which has long been used for the vibration dampening of optical-pickups, has successfully been extended to the cure-in-place (CIP) and foam-in-place (FIP) gasket fabrication for sealing compact precision devices, giving various features such as waterproofing, dust-proofing, and vibration dampening.



High designing flexibility

The GEL is cured with ultraviolet (UV) light while robotically being traced onto a part in accordance with the data electronically designed using the computer-aided (CAD) system. This eliminates the conventional die-molding process and provides high flexibility in designing the gasket pattern.

Reduction of  cost and lead time

The FIP/CIP process reduces the cost for the die preparation and the loss generated by the manual fitting of parts. This enables one to reduce the cost as well as the lead time.

Ease of down-sizing

The UV-curable GEL can be easily processed into gaskets for various parts smaller and thinner compared with the rubber-based gasket processing. This facilitates to down-size the final products.

Easy handling

The UV-curable GEL is a single component, so that one can be free from the laboriousness and the mishandling in the mixing process.
Unlike adhesives, the UV-curable GEL is reworkable even after cured.

Softness and low hardness

Compared with the manually fitted gasket, softer gasket with ultra-low hardness can be easily fabricated in the FIP and CIP process using the UV-curable GEL.

Some applications

- Precision devices,Smart Phones
- Cellphones
- Digital still cameras and Camcorders
- Actuators,Copying Machines,Motors
- Various mobile appliances


* The descriptions and the specifications are subject to change without notice.
* No guarantee is given to the performance of the product made by a customer using the UV-curable GEL. It is therefore highly recommended that a customer carefully carries out the adequate test for checking the suitability of using the UV-curable gel before placing the product on the market.
* The UV-curable GEL shall not be used in medical implant products.
* The UV-curable GEL contains low-molecular-weight siloxane. Silicone oil could bleed under a certain condition of use.
* Sunlight and fluorescent light contain UV light, so that the curing reaction of the UV-curable gel may progress when processed at a location exposed to outside light or fluorescent light. It is highly recommend therefore to avoid the UV-curable GEL being used under such external lights. Also, it is highly recommended to use the UV-cut fluorescent light.
* Store the UV-curable GEL in a dark place at a temperature of 5-40℃.
* The replacement shall not be supplied except when the product is proved to be defective.
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